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Drilling Rig Walking Piling Frame
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Specification of Drilling Rig Walking Piling Frame

The walking pile frame


The series CFG driller is a new kind of drillers.It is jointly developed by the Construction Machinery Comprehensive Research Institute and our company with advanced new technologies.The CFG series and its construction process has been nominated to a new state-level-construction process.


The series CFG consists of two parts,the pile-driving frame and the drilling system .


Pile-driving frame adopts the series JZL track-type or the series JZB step-type walk,which makes movements flexible and repositionning rapid.


The rotary head device adopts the national patent techniquetri-circle speed reducer which features high bearing capacity and reliability.Equipped with swivel joints, the output axis and the auger stem are hollow inside,which allows long spiral processing and super-fluidity construction.


Feature of the pile-driving frame

♦JZB series pile frame are safe,efficient,reliable piling machinery.

♦Three-point support and two-direction adjustment of leader optimize piling verticality.

♦Simple operation.All control system are in the control box.

♦A variety of construction menthods can be realized by modular combination,such as SMW,CFG.Also could suspend vibratory hammer and diesel hammer.

♦It is driven by electric motor,low noise,no exhaust emission and eco-friendly;suitable for urban construction


During operation,no vibration,noise or pollution arises,which brings a high rate.The CFG series is the ideal equipment for civil and industrial construction.


Technical Parameter of walking pile-driving frame

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